What's the most annoying song in the world?

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W_endyy15 said:
ehm haha My boobs are OK!

minjung said:
Zombie by the Cranberries - Please... stop hiccup-howling

DJ Ashen said:

z-flo said:
Whatever my father sings in the shower.

Kento said:
I can't name any. I try to block them out cause I don't want them stuck in my head.

Marie said:
the hamster dance

chemicalboilingmeister said:
crazy frog

levoodoo said:
I am cow

DankyRipps said:
sexy back... ugh

Donna said:
Oops...I did it again

dj eternalis said:
dont have on

Lao Wai said:
Close To You, The Carpenters

jellybean said:
My Humps is pretty high on my list only beaten out by Bootylicious

LEXY said:
Eagles - Hotel California. A beautifull song with great solo's but played way to often on the radio. I cannot hear it anymore!!!

ylrsings said:

ciaROXX_FOrGiVEn said:
The Ketchup Song lol or Barbie Girl - Aqua...hehe lol

djwifey said:
i know a song that gets on everyone nerves.

Ashwardo said:
The Macarena

Kreme said:
"It's a small world after all"

klep said:
Anything by Cher

AIDSmistakenforSARS said:
my humps

donotpanicsarah said:
Any song by Nickelback.

Fo Sho Pretty said:
Beautiful by James Blunt. It makes me cringe.

Dr. O' Fun said:
The Wiggles

hanner said:
Relient K - Crayons Can Melt In Your Hand For All I Care