What was your high school prom song?

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W_endyy15 said:
I didnt have a prom

z-flo said:
I was too busy not dancing to notice.

Marie said:
something by Rush..can't remember the title

hottie said:
hey there delilah

Donna said:
Truly, Madly, Deeply

relient.on.relient.k said:
I was a little busy to pay attention

wander said:
el amor

LEXY said:
Ramones - Rock & Roll Highschool???

ylrsings said:
it's tearing up my heart when i'm with youuuuu...

ciaROXX_FOrGiVEn said:
i have finished high schewlies-ooo yet:)

donotpanicsarah said:
Pff...I don't know? I know our senior class song was "Here We Go Again" by Whitesnake.

Fo Sho Pretty said:
Didn't go :(

Genesys said:
Didn't have one

*falling*rain*storm* said:
none... im a sophmore

Dr. O' Fun said:
Dazed & Confused

misspaige said:

ScripTeach said:
Those brain cells have been surgically removed.

klep said:
Didn't go. My wife and I started dating a few weeks *after* the prom

HelloThere said:
Well, I wouldn't know... I haven't been to my high school prom yet.

TheKaitofLin said:
Haven't gone yet... That's next year.

Da Funk Mistress said:
Oh What a Night - 4 Tops (Thank goodness I didn't go)

ajwms said:
Come Sail Away

Kreme said:
Prom? Was I supposed to actaully GO to that?

DarDarDar said:
"Man, I feel like a woman"

King Anyi said:
Fuck Prom

Conchgeek said:
I went to school before there was music (or dirt).

oneloveJesus said:
Haven't had prom yet.

iHoser said:
Schools Out

Cisco said:
"Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay" - Otis Redding

Kansas City Shuffle said:
I went to way too many proms to remember. prolly back that ass up.

Dj Kebler said:
I don't know!!!

wcj1 said:
Like I went to the prom.

SirDanceALot said:
What's a prom?

Michael J said:

Tenshi said:
I didn't have prom yet? haha

CosmicMuffins67 said:
I can't remember!

rkluver4life392 said:
havent had prom....

caylafuentes said:
umm... i think that infamous, "I had the time of my life.. and i never felt this way before.. yes i swear, it's the truth.. la la la"

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