Who were the people that introduced you to your favorite music?

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W_endyy15 said:
My Cousin

georanson said:
My Freinds Tori&Pedro.. U guys rock

z-flo said:
My parents, Steven Nelson, and a host of other sanity-challenged folks.

Kento said:
Mostly the radio, the internet, TV... you know I got more from media than from people. You have to find you own sense of style.

Strange Kid said:
Koryna, my classmate introduced me to Regina Spektor. She gave me an mp3 CD full of different music and after 3 months of all that music being in my "All music" I've noticed Regina Spektor and became a fan. :D

Marie said:

chemicalboilingmeister said:

Donna said:
98.7 In Pampa, TX

relient.on.relient.k said:
Tom Atkins and my dad

LeapDog said:

Lyric said:
All of my Homies, my kids, their homies

jellybean said:
People I work with, musicians, and my friends

DJ Lotus said:
I stumbled upon Sandra Collins on Sept. 23, 2000

ciaROXX_FOrGiVEn said:
i guess church ppl lol - um i guess Jarrod Sparke did hes awesome!

Ashwardo said:
The fm radio

Vickyrocks said:
myself hahaha

DJTom said:
Tom Rush, Van Morrison

donotpanicsarah said:
Molly McClure, Kuran Bricker, Kari Kamin, Tom Anderson of the blasted space.

Fo Sho Pretty said:
Eric!!!! Luv you!

Genesys said:
My brother

Dr. O' Fun said:
My older brother

relienk_luver said:
*thinks* um....my friends.....and parents i guess...

misspaige said:
Local Gentlemens club

klep said:
My parents, friends Kent and Matt in high school, and the radio

HelloThere said:
My friend.. from school.. on a school bus.. in the middle of a spit ball fight.

Da Funk Mistress said:
My mom, friends, and a bum on the corner. What? He could rock a harmonica! lol

Kreme said:
the wonderful fucking pirate scum on Napster. No, the REAL Napster.

TheKaitofLin said:
My friends Rachael and Tori. Which is why I heart them.

Radical Clavicle said:
one-night stands with hipster chicks

jinshin said:
A guy named Muppet that i meet in 1996 online!

King Anyi said:
My relatives

oneloveJesus said:
Church, and Silly Staci (hint her names not really Staci)

iHoser said:
Me, Searching Through Record Stores

Kansas City Shuffle said:
I was born a herald for the things to come. and the thing that came was dragonforce

Timmy said:
MTV's 120 Minutes crew

Michael J said:
my older brother

Phot_One said:
The Mad Clubbers of 2000 at the Country Club

DynamicStarfire said:
Friends Who Listen To Good Music

CosmicMuffins67 said:
my friend

rkluver4life392 said:
my so-called friends

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