Why do your spots rock?

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Leah Lipson said:
I have a amazing taste in music

W_endyy15 said:
Well it don't but well I dont know:P

z-flo said:
Because if they didn't rock, they'd be paper or scissors. Nowhere near as fun.

Kento said:
Because I made them? C'mon, what kind of question is this? It has to be a collaboration of the DJ and the fans. Love you guys!

sassiejojo said:
pop rock drop it

Gavin Scott said:
Duh! I have a British accent

Domdoy said:

VikterK3 said:
Because I say so

DankyRipps said:
we just gettin blazed don't care if u like my shit

Donna said:
cus I am there

dj eternalis said:
i play a various mix of artist

jellybean said:
do they?

TellingOnTrixie said:
they are unrehearsed...as evidenced by my dizzying stream of consciousness

softassilk said:
cuz i rock

ylrsings said:
because one will someday feature my socially inappropriate laugh.

ciaROXX_FOrGiVEn said:
ahh...umm...yerrr...no....i dunno....lol:)

DJTom said:
Natural Ability

Fo Sho Pretty said:
Because I'm weird and I say so.

*falling*rain*storm* said:
i dunno... just because

donotpanicsarah said:
Because, um, my microphone sucks so it sounds like I'm running through a windy tunnel.

Unlawed Flame said:
becuz they r true

Dr. O' Fun said:
Because they rock

klep said:
Because they're monotone

zonble said:
I rock therefore I am

Kreme said:
They don't, they roll.

TheKaitofLin said:
Because they're mine. So ha.

King Anyi said:
Because King Anyi Rocks.. and ROLLS Fatties

iHoser said:
Why Not

Kansas City Shuffle said:
because what you don't know about my spots is that while i'm recording them i'm drinking blood from sacraficed virgins

Michael J said:
My point of view!

Tenshi said:
B/c I made an effort

rkluver4life392 said:
because rock is the best: classic rock, christian rock, modern rock almost any kind of rock works!!

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