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Posted Dec 10, 2007 by Ber.alon
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Track listing

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    ultra-soul 6.11.07( by tal ben baruch)
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    napolen with the spin sister 20.9.07 ( by leon feldman)
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    hamagevet 5.11.07 ( by alon bergbaum)
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    fusion 1.10.07 ( by tamy bibring)
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    syfulux 20.11.07 ( by nir otis)
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    morfium 5.11.07 ( by adi mor)
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    indicator 2.9.07( by idit narkis)
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    sipur pashut 22.10.07 (by eyal daskal)
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    marpeat hutz (by tomer golan)
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    shichron maamakim 10.10.07 (by amir atar)

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