What is SpotDJ?

SpotDJ enables people to record and share audio commentary about music through media players such as iTunes, bringing context and community to your music experience.

If you enjoy learning more about song meanings, artist background, upcoming concerts, or even the latest and hottest gossip about your favorite artist, you'll love SpotDJ. If you enjoy talking about music, radio DJing, or music-making, you'll love SpotDJ even more!

How Does SpotDJ Work?

SpotDJ is free and easy-to-use. When you open SpotDJ, it'll look like this:

Listening to a song in iTunes

SpotDJ works with iTunes and plays short audio tidbits (what we call spots) about your favorite songs and artists while you listen to your music. At the end of a song, if SpotDJ has a spot relevant to that song, it plays the spot and then iTunes moves on to the next track as usual. Click the button below to hear a sample spot:

If SpotDJ doesn't find a spot to play (or if you have more info about an already-spotted song), you can record your own commentary about the song and share it with everyone else who has SpotDJ.

Want to record a spot, but unsure what to say? More info on recording a spot is here.

Once you open SpotDJ, there's no need to do anything more. Just sit back, relax, and expand your music horizons.