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DJ Profile: djp72

“random thoughts from a photographer, christian, family man, eccentric in australia”
Rockin' from United States
DJ Since: Oct 2006
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A Bit About Me...
My Spots Kick @ss Because:
ummmm..........they don't.
Album I Could Listen to Forever:
Most Embarassing Song I Have:
i'm not easily embarrassed... so you'll find lots of weird stuff....
Favorite Bands:
björk, sufjan stevens, peter gabriel, hoodsta, brethren, wizdm, mistery, pigeon john, placebo, playdough, paul simon, simon & garfunkle, soup the chemist, s.f.c., gift of gab, jurasic 5, lyrics born, dj shadow, father of 5, a-ha, HEAPS & HEAPS!
The First Song I Put on my iPod Was:
this was also the first song i ever played to my son - "eargasmic arrangements" by Soup The Chemist
First Concert:
Paul Simon "Graceland" 1987
I'd Be Nothing If It Weren't For:
The Creator; the Christ.
If the roof were on fire, I would:
"if i could only grab 3 things- my salamanda, my cat & ummmmm.... i guess 1 of the twins..." Ricky Gervais - www.rickygervais.com
I'm Bringin':
if it was only out of those three choices it would be "da funk". but in reality i usually bring stories.
My Favorite Undiscovered Band:
i have too many!! Joy Electric - www.joyelectric.com + Daniel Amos - www.danielamos.com + Leo Nine - www.leo-nine.com + Brethren - www.brethrenhq.com ....
My favorite music pet:
i'd prefer the Lost Dogs http://www.thelostdogs.com/main.html
I Always Sing Along To:
"Chicago" by Sufjan Stevens http://www.vimeo.com/clip:88019
Take Whatever You Want. Just Don't Take My:
wife, my kids, my cameras, my mac & my fast internet connection!!
Most Recent Download:
downloaded from the net? "i'm a loser" by the Beatles
We'd Have World Peace if we All Listened To:
no song could do that.... well maybe something from Howard Jones... maybe
Genres I spot:
all, except for "metal"
I'm Embarassed I Did Karaoke To:
something by Will Smith
I record spots in:
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